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by on Aug.17, 2009, under Life in Geekdom

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Since this my first public blog, I guess you need to get to know me first, so here we go! “I was born a poor black child.”, no wait, that was “The Jerk” by Steve Martin, not the Geek by Ray Laureyns! Truth be told, I’m not going to go too much into myself right now, you get all the sorted and elicit details as my ramblings progress. Let’s just say I’m an old geek who has been in the IT profession for over 25 years.

 I guess you could say I first became a geek when I was very young. Unlike most children, I had a nasty tendency to destroy every toy I ever had. Not that I was violent or angry, I just wanted to figure out how it worked. So I would take it apart and examine every little piece till I figured out how it worked. The unfortunate problem was, I was never really great at putting it back together again. This of course was the bane of my parents who always tried to keep me happy by buying me nice toys, much to my sisters disliking. I have three older sisters who often hated the fact that I was the youngest and only boy and as you could imagine. I was my parent’s favorite for many years, well at least until I was over 10.

I think my love for all things technical really began when I watched my best friend’s father, Bob Duran, take apart my TV in my living room when I was around 5 years old. I can remember how cool it was that he could fix a TV! TV was an EXTREAMLY important part of the development of my early geekdom.  TV was my windows into the world of technology, fantasy and imagination.  My favorite shows when I was 5 were also my first heroes, Batman and Speed Racer. What really attracted me to Batman was all the cool gadgets he had, the Batmobile, Batboat, Bat-O-Rang and the most awesome Utility belt. I wanted to have all those cool things! I can remember getting a Batman costume for my birthday and really being disappointed that the utility belt was just painted on, also the helmet was this hard plastic that looked nothing like the cool satin one that Adam West wore on TV. I wanted my own utility belt, so I took an old belt from my dad and tried to make one.

I went down on my dad’s workbench, which I was NEVER allowed to touch of course, and got to work. Well, I didn’t get to far into the project before my mother caught me! BUSTED! I think I may have been making a little too much noise when I was trying to bend 4 inch a nail with a hammer on my dad’s vice to make a hook to hang my Bat-O-Rang on the utility belt. My mother took one look at her 5 year old son standing on a rickety old stool, whacking a 3 pound hammer at a 4 inch nail. Well needless to say, that was the end to my utility belt! But the beginning of my adventures in the land of geekdom!

If you like what you read here, please let me know!

Ray the Geek.

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